A Glimpse into the Marvelous Blandwood Mansion and Gardens

If you're passing through Greensboro, North Carolina, and looking for a place to unwind and enjoy the city's beautiful scenery, Blandwood Mansion and Gardens should be on your list of must-visit places. Built-in 1795 by Charles Bland, this beautiful estate is a symbol of the city's rich historical background and offers a glimpse into how people, during the 18th and 19th centuries, lived and worked. Let's take a deeper look into why this estate is a place to visit when in Greensboro.

Blandwood Mansion and Gardens, located at 447 W.Washington Street, Greensboro, NC 27401, is a National Historic Landmark and a must-see for history enthusiasts and nature lovers. The grand mansion is renowned for its unique architecture- a combination of Federal, Italianate, and Greek revival styles- designed by William Percival. The interior is impeccably furnished with original pieces that belonged to Charles Bland and his descendants. You can take a guided tour of the Mansion to learn more about its history and the people who lived there.

Blandwood Mansion and Gardens offers more than just a tour of the Mansion. Along the winding garden paths, you will experience the tranquility of well-maintained gardens, which are planted with a mixture of exotic and native plant species, proving a picturesque display of the diversity of nature. In addition, the gardens serve as an ideal location for picnic lunches, picnicking, and family leisure activities. You can take pictures in the gardens to capture the beauty of the greenery.

The Mansion also houses a visitor center that provides in-depth information about the heritage of the estate. The visitor center also includes a Mini Museum, where you will find several historic antiques, including Charles Bland's hatbox. The museum also displays historic photographs and documents about the Bland family and their contributions to North Carolina history.

If you're in Greensboro for an extended stay, we recommend that you visit during the Christmas season when the Blandwood Mansion is decked out in festive decorations, making it a winter wonderland. The annual holiday tradition of Mansion dressed up in its Christmas best is worth seeing. Additionally, the Greene family park opposite Blandwood Mansion is an ideal place to view the Mansion's exterior and capture some pictures.

Blandwood Mansion and Gardens has something for everyone, and it's the perfect place to learn more about Greensboro's rich history and explore the beauty of nature. The mansion, gardens, and visitor center are open year-round, and you can visit during weekdays from 11 AM – 2 PM or weekends from 2 PM – 5 PM. We highly recommend that you visit Blandwood Mansion and Gardens when you're next in Greensboro to gain insight into the city's heritage and appreciate the beauty of nature.

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