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Discover how creative businesses in Greensboro, NC, can benefit from managed IT services and discover the best qualities to consider in a local provider.

Greensboro Managed IT Services Provider: Choosing the Right Provider

Information technology (IT) is an integral part of business success – especially for creative agencies. It allows companies to operate efficiently and remain competitive. However, IT is complex and constantly changing. Many agencies struggle to manage, maintain, and protect their IT systems internally.

That’s where a managed IT services provider can help.

A managed IT services provider handles all the IT needs that a company does not have the time or resources to manage in-house. This allows business owners and their teams to remain focused on their core operations.

There are plenty of creative businesses in Greensboro, the third most populous city in North Carolina, that could benefit from managed IT services. Greensboro is home to many up-and-coming creative agencies. For these businesses to succeed, they need to maintain a rock-solid, stable IT infrastructure – of which a managed IT services provider can provide.

Do you need help managing the IT at your creative business? Here is everything you should know when choosing a managed IT services provider in Greensboro, North Carolina.

What are Managed IT Services?

Before you partner with a local provider, it’s essential to understand what managed IT services are and why they matter for creative businesses like yours.

A managed IT services provider connects your business to a team of remote technicians dedicated to supporting your IT infrastructure and all its users. Their goal will be to equip you with the tools and solutions you need to run your creative operations efficiently, without disruption.

A Greensboro managed IT services provider like ours will:

  • Improve your IT inefficiencies
  • Minimize operational downtime
  • Provide advanced network security
  • Respond quickly to your IT concerns
  • Develop a service plan that fits your needs & budget

Essentially, a managed IT services provider will operate as a remote IT department for your creative business – while keeping your budget under control.

Top Managed IT Services to Look for in a Local Provider

Now, let’s discuss some (but certainly not all) of the top services to look for in a Greensboro managed IT services provider and how they can benefit your business.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Any business can fall victim to a cyber attack and today’s modern hackers have the potential to cause serious damage.

One cyber-attack can cost your business an average of $25,000 in restoration alone. Not to mention, it can also cause your business to lose client trust — which, for creative agencies, is often harder to restore. Without client trust, your business can easily fall victim to a downward sales cycle that impacts future revenue.

A managed IT services provider will help you minimize these risks by providing your agency with advanced cybersecurity solutions. They will analyze your current security needs and will install multi-level protection when needed, such as firewall software, malware protection, and encryption programs. These multi-layers of protection will discourage malicious attacks aimed at your business.

A worthwhile managed IT services provider will also monitor your network security and make frequent updates to ensure it is keeping up with the latest threats – both for Mac and Windows systems.

24/7 IT Support & Quick Response Times

An IT disaster or system failure can occur at any time, often without warning. If left unaddressed for long periods of time, these issues can quickly escalate and cause damage to your business.

A managed IT services provider that offers 24/7 remote IT support will be available to troubleshoot your IT problems as they arise – even on weekends and holidays. This constant support will play a key role in making sure your agency stays up and running.

Keep in mind: some managed IT services providers offer 24/7 IT support, but are slow to respond. Look for a provider that guarantees a quick response time for all IT service requests.

Business Continuity Solutions

If you don’t back up your data or important business files to a secondary location, it can be lost forever after a cyberattack or natural disaster (such as a fire or flood). 

A managed IT services provider that offers business continuity solutions will protect critical data and provide quick restoration after an incident. They’ll automatically back your information to a secure, off-site location such as a managed facility or a Cloud service. This allows your agency to regain access to data, even if your physical server is compromised, damaged, or destroyed.

Qualities in a Greensboro Managed IT Services Provider

Not all managed IT services providers are created equally. Some won’t have the expertise or services that your creative business needs. That’s why it’s so important to choose a provider with the following qualities. 

Expertise & Experience Serving Creative Industries

First, your Greensboro managed IT services provider should be able to demonstrate expertise in serving the needs of creative businesses, specifically. This means familiarity with many creative industry applications and systems – such as Apple and Adobe. 

A good managed IT services provider will have many years of experience providing services to creative enterprises. They will also understand the security and compliance challenges within this industry and offer recommendations on how to address these issues.

Proactive Maintenance& Monitoring

A Greensboro managed IT services provider that offers proactive maintenance and monitoring will constantly look for opportunities to improve your network’s performance and security. They’ll keep an eye on the health of your devices and spot potential issues before they cause major problems.

If they notice an issue, they will contact you to inform you, resolve it, and adjust your network accordingly – so the same problem does not happen in the future.

A Proven Track Record

Your managed IT services provider should be able to demonstrate a proven track record. That’s why it’s a good idea to look at the reviews and customer testimonials before hiring a provider. This will give you a better idea of how well they serve their client and solve their problems.

A highly credible IT provider will be happy to share case studies of how they have helped similar businesses in the past (upon request).

In Conclusion 

As you can see, there are many reasons for creative businesses in Greensboro to consider outsourcing with a managed IT services provider. The right IT provider can help your company achieve its goals and foster long-term success.

How can CreativeIT’s expert services benefit your Greensboro-based business? Let’s find out together.